The dust mitigation system they used (a plastic tunnel that was put up and taken down each day, running from our bathroom directly to our front door) was incredible, and allowed us to sleep in the adjacent bedroom throughout the entire construction. Our bathroom remodel employed extensive tilework, and I was extremely impressed with the artistry of her team. What I was most pleased about, however, was how Michelle dealt with the few problems we encountered during the renovation (i.e. a showerhead mounted on the wrong wall of the tiled shower). She made very clear that our satisfaction was her chief priority, and all changes were handled without any resistance or pushback whatsoever, and at her cost. This sort of professionalism is incredibly rare amongst contractors, and is likely why she has earned superlative reviews on both Houzz and other review sites. While you can find cut-rate contractors elsewhere, for an incredibly high-quality job at a fair price with little stress, look no further than Change Your Bathroom, Inc.!